In the 50th anniversary of Department of Engineering in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, our alumni Mr. Stephen CHAU and Mr. Stephen CHAU and undergraduate student Ms. Janice WONG share their experiences in studies, career and business development with Prof. CHING Pak-Chung. Throughout the talk, you can discover the trend of Electronic Engineering development and various possible career paths of EE graduates. They also shared their valuable experiences about startup of an engineering student.

Guest list:
Prof. CHING Pak-Chung, SBS, BBS
B.Eng. (Hons.), Ph.D., D.Sc. (Honoris causa)(Liverpool), FIET, FHKIE, FHKEng., FIEEE
Choh-Ming Li Research Professor of Electronic Engineering
Director, Shun Hing Institute of Advanced Engineering

Mr. CHAU Kam-Kun, Stephen
CTO, SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited
BSc in Electronics (1985)
CUHK Electronic Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award 2015

Mr. TSANG Wai-Wah, Martin
CEO and Founder, Halo Energy Limited
B.Eng. in CUHK EE (2005)

Ms. WONG Kam-Yi, Janice
EE Undergrduate Student (Year 4)

The Department of Electronic Engineering was established in 1970 by Prof. Charles Kao, ‘Father of Fibre Optics’ and a Nobel Laureate in Physics. The Department features a dynamic and adaptive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, including nanotechnology, electronic materials and devices, integrated circuits, opto-electronics and optical communication, telecommunication and wireless systems, multimedia and signal processing, and artificial intelligence. The Department aims at cultivating students to become global leaders in the engineering discipline and inspiring them to pursue knowledge, to advance the state-of-the-art in EE and to apply the new technologies for the betterment of mankind.